What can I make with a 3D Printer


3D printer sounds interesting?

You asked yourself, “What can I make with a 3D Printer?”

A 2D image that is printed, is the precursor for the 3D image. The technology is already here and working.

You can print out 3-dimensional objects based on a digital image.

More and more manufacturers are software for 3D printing to offer consumers.


Steps to printing 3D objects

Your printers are only as good, as the software your are using. 3D printing software combines several functions like modeling, customizing, sculpting to name a few.

Step OneResearch, think about what your want to print. Look at this list to assist with your decision-making on what types of objects your can make.

Step TwoSelect, choose the object that your want. Look at the STL file that has been converted from CAD software your have chosen.

Step ThreeSlicing is next, get the STL file and prepare it for printing. You will have to chose the type of stetting your want for what you’re creating. There are free download sites to get this STL file like: 3D Splash and Blender to name a few.

Step Four: Convert the STL file into a file called, G Codes once finish slicing. Upload the G Codes to the 3D printer. You can upload by either USB cable, SD card, WIFI connection.

Cool things 3D printers can make

1. Salt & Pepper Shakers

The 3D printer can create household goods such as Salt & Pepper. Holes are cut into both objects where the product will actually dispense salt and pepper.

If you haven’t ever looked at collectible salt and pepper shakers, you should take a moment of your time to research the variety of salt and pepper shakers.

Salt and pepper shakers has such a loyal fan base. People collect them because they are cute while for others it is a serious hobby involving large sums of money

salt shaker

2. Extra house, luggage or car key

This one is for those of us who are always misplacing their keys (yeas, I am one). The printer can be used to make those extra keys that are always need.

You can make an extra key for someone who is housing sitting for for the housekeeper, your parent etc. Just in case your lock yourself out of your car an extra key would come in handy.

Now with the extra car key it will ONLY open the door. It will not start it because most car keys has a sensor from the dealership placed in them.

3d keys

3.Hair combs

Yup, that is right. You can make hair combs. All parents who have children do lose them a lot. Hair combs are items that get a lot if use and lost the most.

Now the 3D printer guide does not tell your how tough the comb you make will be. Hopefully they will last. This could actually save your money. If you lose or break one you can just make another.

hair comb

side hair comb

  4. Phone cases

This is a good one. Especially,since we all know that going to Sprint, AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon and their cases can be expensive.

I am talking about $20.00 or more for just one. Of course, your can go on Amazon and they have a great selection of cases, but your have to wait for it to arrived.

Creating one that your designed would give you bragging rights. Just think of the different image your can come up with.

polychemy5. Guitar

You can create a cool Guitar an pretend you are Jim Hendrix, Prince when no one is looking and laugh at you. I won’t laugh at you playing if your really not that good.

Okay I am lying…yes I would. Playing on a guitar that your mind imagined and you brought to life, is massive cool. It will indeed give you many cool points with kids or the gran kids.

Or just serenading the woman in your life Or man. Now get to playing.

What can you imagine?

The 3D printer has brought to us a whole new world. The things that a 3D printer can print with this newer technology is infinite.

What your see on TV and or in a magazine your can now make it in your home. Images no longer have to be purchased.

The items that you want, are now at a touch of a finger.  Image that.While more and more companies are churning these printers out, they are getting smaller and better.

The quality is being tweaked and before your know it, the things your make will be mainstream market ready. It’s all based on your imagination and what your want and what your mind can think up.


3D printers are part of the wave of future. High schools and Universities are already using for their science and engineering classes. Certain work places are using them to make their prototypes and much more.

Let’s not forget about the medical field and their prosthetic limbs that helping people to walk, stand and jump again. Internal organs that are being made to infuse with the human body tissue. Like a new knee cab or your rotor cuff in your shoulder. Helping people to live better lives.

I can see the 3D printer, being in more and more homes because people see the use in them . The 3D print could be combined with the regular desktop printer and your have a 2-in-1. It’s going to be really interesting to see how the 3D printer is infused into our daily lives.


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