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Using A 3D Printer

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Using A 3D Printer

Using a 3D printer…Get out of here!!! 3D, what? We have 3D TV’s and now 3D printing. I remember when the concept of 3D came out in thee 80’s. The first time I saw it was in 1982, Friday the 13Th part III 3-D. Back then we were issued paper glasses one lens was blue the other lens was red.

It really did not look that well in those cheap glasses. Now fast forwarding to the 2000’s and 3D has risen again not just for viewing movies, but now there are printers. I was shocked learning that 3D printers were on the scenes but just in the science and medical field.

The first time I actually knew what I was looking at I was watching Mission Impossible. You know when “Ethan “was creating the masks to be different people.  I never thought it would actually be a mainstream product. However, they have arrived.

Here They Come

Just like when the large TV’s first came out and you could hang up them up on the wall like a portrait and the cost was like $13,000.00. Or the big clunky VCR when they first came out. It look like a box not a tape player. In the process of updating technology, the products have gotten small, cheaper, and better quality. The next thing is the 3D printer. If you want to get a good one you can but they are expensive ranging around 1,200.00 and up.

High school and office are now using them for the teaching and creating prototypes.  The printer will probably take over the basic desktop printer. I am sure at some point they merge so your desktop can know print 3D stuff. I have seen some of the things that have these printers created and it is awesome. 3D printer have created internal organs and prosthetic limbs for people.

In doing this the creations have been successful in use as well. So image what the 3D printer has been on the market for 20 years what we will be able to create and have. I mean even NASA is testing to see if they can make food while the astronauts are in space.

The Future Is Now

You will no longer have to ask yourself,” Using a 3D printer, what is that?” Just think if we could create eatable food from a printer, perhaps we could cure world hungry. The possibilities are endless of what that printer could make. Like a printable husband or wife. LOL!!

I am looking forward to seeing, as the 3D printer is getting more refined, smaller, and cheaper. When the authorities finally make that boom on to the mainstream selling floor like Apple did with the tablet.  3D printers, who knew. The future is at our fingertips.

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4 thoughts on “Using A 3D Printer
  1. stefanie taylor

    I’m still so confused about 3D printers, I mean, surely we have to put some kind of tangible material in them for them to be able to create something tangible. How could they possible make a flesh and blood organ? Out of what? I hope you can help answer this for me lol 🙂

  2. Cherry Parks

    One can use several different types of material for 3D printing. Such as such as ABS plastic, PLA, polyamide (nylon), steel, wax, and polycarbonate. I know all this these are technical material terms, but this is the type of materials being used. Basically, once you decided what you want to make then ask for the material for that. Thank you for your comment.

  3. jen

    I remember the first time I saw a 3d printer actually print something. It was at my son’s science fair and it was awesome. I don’t think that 1200 bucks is that bad for one of these. There’s a lot that goes into the mechanism and actual printing. The down side of it is the amount of time it takes to print something. It can be a day or two before you see results, but it’s worth it. Thanks for sharing this. I may be on the market for one of these soon.

  4. Danita Jones

    Awesome content!! Very informative

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