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Plastic filament, the standard material used by 3-D printers typically ranges in price from $25 to $45 depending on the quality and manufacturer.

What a markup over the $2-per-kilogram for a plastic pellets used for filaments. The price of filament for a 3d printer has been inflated, according an engineer for 3-D printing company BQ Readers.Filament

BQ Readers and some other companies, are trying to push down the cost. BQ Readers, makes the Witbox 3-D printer, will start making their own filament early next year.

The CEO thinks the filament can be sold wholesale for $10 to $12 a kilogram. He expects their filament quality to be comparable to other top companies’.


A 3-D printing company based in India, called Protoprint, begun making 3-D printer filament from used plastic bottles. Creating a different way to recycle which works well for the environment. Protoprint partners with garbage collectors, setting up filament labs around India for companies to recycle plastic bottles into filament. In doing it this they will be able to sell the filament for a 3D printer at a cheaper price.

Competition in the 3-D printer filament market is on the rise. Companies like Stratasys who owned Makerbot, 3D Systems (DDD), Form Labs, and BeeVeryCreative march towards the market with their own versions of filament

AS the marketplace waits for these companies ad their verisons of filaments, other companies are already in the ring battling it out.

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2 thoughts on “Filament for 3D Printer
  1. Tina

    I think, most of these raw materials are currently somewhat expensive, the costs will go down with time and further innovation. One thing is for sure—shocking and impressive results will come about with more time! Thank you for sharing with us this information.

    • Cherry Parks

      Your are right because 3D printers are still getting it’s footing in mainstream. However, as more people are interested in them, the tweaking it refining will get better and less expensive. Thank you

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