about meWelcome to HizWorld, where helping HIM is why we are here

During my 20 year journey walking with the LORD, in the process of healing old hurts and wounds, he put compassion in my heart. He began to show me men had feelings just like women; even though they may express them differently. I sat up and took notes carefully. I began to see men through the eyes of the LORD and how they too need to be uplifted and appreciated. I decided to create a website dedicated to him in many forums. To showcase those things that he may like and are interested in. Bring a smile to his face is definitely the mission.


Men are in every walk of life doing everything. I want to ask questions and give answers about products and services that may need to be explored. Doing reviews and sharing the knowledge that I have to help him to make better choices in is daily life.

Helping handOffering tips on different items in health, technology, grooming and more. Creating a trustworthy site where the information that is given will educate someone in accomplishing the task at hand. Enriching his life the best we can.

We want to meet men’s needs in general. Bringing content that he wants to read about to assist him in researching. It could be for his job or his home life or whatever he wants.  Men’s concerns more often than not get overlooked. Therefore, this site is to help bridge the gap pertaining to services and products that he may need or want.smiling men


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,